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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Google Story

Read the critically acclaimed National Bestsellerbeing published in 26 languages worldwide!

"The most detailed account of [Google's] spectacular rise" —Newsweek

"If it's plot you want, not page rank statistics, [The Google Story] is the best offering so far." —Baltimore Sun

"Fascinating...meticulous...never bogs down" —Houston Chronicle "An interesting read on a powerhouse company" —USA Today

"Well told... A thorough primer on everything from the childhoods of the founders to its battles with Microsoft and its impact on the advertising industry." —Fortune

"Filled with insider revelations from page one" —PR Week

"A fascinating and compelling story, even for those who know its broad outlines." —Nature

"Highly recommended" —Library Journal

"A[n] excellent history" —The New York Review of Books

The Google Story.p...
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